Matthew Lepre Testimonials

Matthew Lepre is a business coach based in Australia. He was featured in CNN, Forbes, Entrepreneur, etc., because of his huge success in his eCommerce business.

If you’re new to the eCommerce industry, Matthew can walk you through how to build your own dropshipping business and start making huge sales every year. But before you jump in and enroll in the course, you must first be passionate about starting a business. Without true mentorship, you will struggle at first, because no path to success is easy. But with hard work and patience, you will reap the rewards.

Why build an eCommerce store?

With an online business, you have the freedom to work whenever and wherever you want to. You are in full control, contrary to working in an office where you have a fixed schedule, and your boss controls whatever you do. With eCommerce, you are the boss.

There are plenty of reasons to have your own eCommerce business. One of which is that it’s easy to get up and running, there’s no need to build a physical store. Want to be your own boss and sell products you are passionate about? Starting an eCommerce business is something worth considering.

Here you’ll see testimonials from Ecom Warrior Academy students. These results will speak for themselves.

👇Student Results 👇

Every one of these results come from people just like you. Interested in ecommerce, starting a side hustle or even leaving your 9-5 – we help you go from ZERO experience in online business to a life you choose to live.

See for yourself…

“From ZERO to $140,000”

Meet Ashwin… At 15 years old, he decided he wanted to learn more about Ecommerce and start making money online. Ashwin applied for mentorship while still in school and has scaled to $140,000 in sales in less than 4 months. Here’s what he had to say… Ashwin, 15 – Australia.

“Nothing to $5,000 in 6 days”

Meet Dev… After applying for mentorship, he recently launched his first store and made $5,000 in sales in 6 days (with only a few hours work). Here’s what he had to say… Dev, 26 – Sydney Australia.

“Over $4,000 from ZERO”

Meet Max… With no experience in online business, Max wanted to learn about making money with Shopify. After applying for mentorship, Max grew his first store to $1,000/wk in sales in the first month. Here’s what he had to say… Max, 20 – Melbourne, Australia.

“I’ve Managed To Generate Over $47,000USD”

Meet Guy… In less than 6 months of joining the program, and with no prior experience in ecommerce, Guy has generated $70,000AUD in sales with his first store. Here’s what he had to say… Guy, 25 – Sydney, Australia.

“Exceeded My Expectations HIGHLY”

Meet Don… After studying up on dropshipping and trying out other programs, Don already had a foundation of knowledge to work from. He applied for our mentorship and started implementing our scaling strategies which lead to making $3,000USD in sales within a few short days (and growing). Here’s what he had to say… Don, 21 – United States.