Wanted: HR Professional To Design, Grow & Lead Thriving Business

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Do You:

  • Think HR could be “done better” than your old job?
  • Create and work in systems?
  • Enjoy detail oriented work?
  • Take pride in your work?


Head of People & Culture
to help improve and grow an already
thriving business.

About the role:

ECOM WARRIOR ACADEMY is an online education company. We help our customers start, grow and scale online businesses. We focus on great customer service, and so we are growing and thriving ourselves.

We’ve recently grown to 45+ team members and plan on continuing expansion through 2022 and beyond.

Because of this, we’re looking for a motivated HR leader who can help us build a great team, design systems to keep us running smoothly, and make our teammates as happy as our customers!

Your role at a glance:

Here are some examples of the kind of work you’d do:

  1. Create a team of high performers you love working with. As we grow, you will be the core person responsible for finding new team members, getting them onboard and helping them succeed.

To do this, you will create, build and own a recruitment and retention plan that draws killer team members to us like a magnet. Then you will get to meet and train these applicants. And find team members who not only excel at their jobs, but also feel right at home in our company.

You will get to create an environment where people can’t wait to wake up every morning, and come to work.

You will have full agency to create – and therefore responsibility to maintain – all systems, procedures, processes and policies needed to keep Ecom Warrior Academy growing and running smoothly.

Systems you get to create and build from scratch. So you can guarantee the job is done the right way.

  1. Keep the Ecom Warrior Academy team happy and working smoothly. We know even the best people only do great work when they are happy. That’s why we want you to create and implement systems that keep our team working well, together.

You will own all aspects of employee happiness. Including all surveys… meetings… reviews… etc. Everything we need to keep our team members happy and excited to work.

We will give you full and complete access to whatever data and tools you need. And the room to act on this feedback to build the best possible environment. Then work with you, as we grow, to learn from that feedback.

  1. Cross the t’s and dot the i’s so Ecom Warrior stays current. You will have the keys to the HR kingdom. Therefore you, like all of us, will take complete ownership over your work.

This means you will commit to self learning and growing. So we stay ahead of all state and federal HR regulations. As well as on the cutting edge of what’s working in HR.

We’re a small but growing company. This means we’re fast enough to implement the interesting and exciting new tools which a larger company would scoff at.

And so, we will rely on you to help us navigate smoothly through any HR related conversations, including the tough talks, like Conflict Resolution, Personal Development and Annual Salary.

Your ability to make clear decisions – as part of leadership – then help our team buy-in to our decisions will be a crucial pillar of our business. One we hope and plan to build around.

What we’re looking for:

Your background is less important than your key skills, which might include:

  • A passion for helping other people grow through feedback, reflection and learning. Bonus points if you’re already nuts about working with people.
  • Owning, and executing every element of a successful hiring experience from recruitment, to writing clearly about the role, to treating every applicant (successful, or not) with respect and care.
  • Originality in your use of writing, speaking, and event hosting to help potential team members find out more about Ecom Warrior Academy as a place to work.
  • Implementing people processes for onboarding, performance reviews, compensation reviews, and everything legal and regulatory as it relates to employment.

You do not specifically need to have worked at a business like ours, but the idea of working with freelancers and digital nomads should spark joy.

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What would make you a rockstar hire:

We’re looking for someone who is as obsessed as we are about building a powerful team that can tackle anything. You must have an ownership mentality, be comfortable working on your own, have confidence in your idea and be willing to adapt to new information.

We love people who are hungry for the truth, and truly want to build and lead a kickass team.

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Why work at COMPANY?

We believe that building a diverse and inclusive team is critical to Ecom Warrior Academy’s success. We do not discriminate in any way.

We offer:

  • Flexible working: We work remotely, but create a culture of teamwork through Slack, Zoom calls, etc.
  • Learning & Development: Our team is hungry to continuously learn and you’ll receive mentorship and guidance to grow in what you do.
  • Unplugged weekends: We work hard without letting work get in the way of life. We’ve generally allow no Slack or emails on weekends, so you can switch off.
  • Be your own boss: We think it is important to have ownership over our work. And so we do not micromanage or stand in the way of getting things done.

About Us

We hold ourselves to five, key pillars:

  1. We continuously improve – We have a hunger for knowledge and improving ourselves.
  2. We are one team – We have each others’ back.
  3. We get results – We solve problem, we work to get results for our students and each other, and we focus on the small things that make big impacts.
  4. We take ownership – We own a problem and get it fixed. We recognise problems and work together.
  5. We are proud of our work – We double check the crucial things.

If you resonate with any or all of our pillars, I invite you to apply at the link below:

What to do if you’re interested:

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